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* SnowiNote: I was always going to be a teacher as far back as my memory allows. Yep, I was going to teach school, then teach folks how to fly... Helicopters and Jets. I even "taught" every kid in the neighborhood everything I could think of... Mostly Geography since I had a world map on my wall. Well, I got side-tracked and never taught in a school, but now I teach folks how to use the Internet, so I have fulfilled my "childhood dream." I hope you get to meet that one special teacher who not only makes learning fun, but can inspire you with the desire to do the same for someone else. Pass it on. - Snowhawk

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College and Beyond:
Khan Academy - Free Education
College Data
Graduate Schools Directory
Peterson's Education & Career Center
Post-Grad Resources - student news and views
Colleges and Universities
Grants and Scholarships:
Where to Find Grants
Scholarship Experts - free scholarship search
College Athletic Scholarships
Colleges, Scholarships, Financial Aid
Grants & Funding Info from Dept of Education

Homeschool Laws - by state
The Homeschool Mom
HomeSchool World
Homeschooling (PBS Parents)
Oklahoma Home School Educators
Oklahoma Dept of Education Homeschooling
Oklahoma Homeschool

RefDesk: Dictionaries | Resources | News
National Center for Education Statistics
Education Virtual Library
Albert Einstein Online
American Memory Collection Search - Library of Congress
NARA - US Nat'l Archives & Records
Biographical Dictionary
Ask Jeeves
Exploratorium - Museum of science, art & human perception
Education Index
Education World
Educate Directory
ETEXT Archives
Fact Monster
Forums - Online Tutor - free
School & Homework Help
Homework Center - from Information Please
Homework Center - Multnomah County Library
Homework Helper - Virtual Reference Desk
Electronic Journals - Purdue University
KidsClick - Web Search for kids by librarians
Library Research - ask your ?s
Librarians' Index to the Internet
WWW Virtual Library
Awesome Library - k-12
Internet Public Library
Learning & Research
New York Times Learning Network
Learning Resource Server - Univ of IL
John Labovitz's E-Zine List - online e-magazines
Voice of the Shuttle - resources
Latitude & Longitude
FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources
Education Email List Directory
Education eGroups (mailing lists)
Speech Links
MORE Kids Information Resources

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Historic American Newspapers
Teaching with Historic Places
History - WWW Virtual Library
The History Guide
Voice of the Shuttle: History Page - mega resources
The History Net
The History Place
Historical Text Archive
History Resources
This Day In History - The History Channel
Random History & Word Origins for the curious mind
Social Studies
Bartleby Encyclopedia of World History
World History Archives
World History
Ice Ages
Ancient History Sourcebook
18th Century Resources
18th Century History
Black History
Black History Month

WayBack - Presidents & US History for Kids
First Nations Histories
PBS - The West, to 1806
US History - WWW VLibrary
US Historical Documents - Univ. Oklahoma
American Studies Web
American History
History of the NW Coast

Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Kings (Pharaohs)
The Great Pyramid
The Orion Mystery - secrets of the pyramid
Sources of English Constitutional History
Ancient Greece - history, art, mythology, culture
Medieval Europe - WWW VLibrary
The Labyrinth: Resources for Mideivel Studies
Medieval Sourcebook
7 Wonders of the World
Genghis Khan & Mongolia
Japanese History
Teaching Kids All About Japan
Ireland - WWW VLibrary
Today's Northern Ireland
Scotland National Archives
Scotland: Notable Dates in History
Statistical Accounts of Scotland
The Victorian Web Overview

The History of Life
Natural History Museums
Center for the History of Physics
Rulers- heads of gov, leaders through history
Technology Chronology
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
National Women's History Project
Women's History - Int'l Institute of Social History

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Wars and World History
1755 - The French & Indian War
American Civil War
Civil War 1860-1865
American Civial War E-Text Center
Civil War Photos
Civil War - PBS
Civil War
World War I Document Archive
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
WWII Letters To and From the Home Front
Navajo Code Talkers in World War II
WWII Codebreakers & Espionage
World War II Commemoration
WWII Links
USS Enterprise CV-6 - most decorated ship of the 2nd WW
Korean War Project

Viet Nam:
History of the Viet Nam War
Ike & the Dominos - Viet Nam War (YouTube Video)
Edwin Moise Bibliography of the Vietnam War
Vietnam War

More Wars:
Wounded Knee Testimony
Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes
The Gulf War - PBS
Desert Storm I: 1990-91 / Gulf War
Military History Online
American War Library
Library of Congress

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E-Calculators (
SOS Math
Word Problems
Word Problems - grades 5-12
Biographies of Women Mathematicians
A+Math Check Your Math Homework
Algebra Help
PBS Teacher Source - Math
Mathematics Archives
Internet Mathematics Library
Fibonacci Numbers
Pi = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923 0781640628620899862803482534211706798214808651328230664709384460
Pi & the Fibonacci Numbers
Common Weights & Measures

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Philosophy and Sociology:
Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Philosophy & Christian Theology -
  Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Famous Philosophers & discussions about them
Works by Plato
Kant on the Web
E-Journal of Sociology
Sociology Guide
Understanding Sociology: A Beginner's Guide
Printed Collections - Berkeley

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Colleges & Universities
Distant Learning Programs
FinAid - student guide to financial aid
FastWeb - Scholorships, college searches & financial aid tools - new & used college textbooks - new & used textbooks, clothing, etc.
Oklahoma Colleges and Universities
OU (University of Oklahoma)
OSU (Oklahoma State University)
ORU (Oral Roberts University)
RSU (Rogers State Universtiy)
Spartan College of Aeronautics & Technology
TU (University of Tulsa)
Tulsa Community College
More OK Colleges & Universities

Yale University - Connecticut
McNeese State University - Louisiana
LSU - Louisiana
University of Maryland
Boston University - Massachusetts
Harvard University - Massachusetts
University of Michigan
Rice University - Texas
Texas A & M University
University of Texas at Austin

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American Indian Colleges:
American Indian Colleges - Yahoo list
Tribal Colleges, Native Studies, & Indian Education
United Tribes Technical College - Bismarck, ND

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Teachers Resources:
Education Job Openings
News Resources
Hurricane and Weather Resources
Teachers' Guide to the US Dept of Education
NCES-National Center for Education Statistics
Learning Page - Especially for Teachers - Library of Congress
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Teachers Tools, WebQuests, Lesson Plans (from
    Best on the Web for Teachers)
Educator's Reference Desk: Resource Guides
Teachers Network
OFCN Academy Curriculum Exchange - Great lesson plans
Voice of the Shuttle: Teaching Resources
Teacher Source - PBS - lesson plans, worksheets, tips...
Education World - lesson plans
TeachNet Lesson Plans
Ed Helper - Lesson Plans, WebQuests, Teaching Tools
Storytelling Activities & Lesson Ideas
K-12 Lesson Plans - Yahoo
Lesson Plans Page
Biographical Dictionary Class Ideas
Think Quest Library Search

KinderStart - includes message boards
Inside Kindergarten
Kindergarten Links
Preschool & Kindergarten
Teachers Helping Teachers
Teacher's Tips
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Education Resources
Education Directory for Teachers
Education Week
Life,Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness
(includes lesson plans)
Internet Scout Project
weekly publication offering a selection of new and newly discovered online resources of interest to researchers, educators
The Jason Project
After discovering the wreck of the RMS Titanic, world-famous explorer and oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard received letters from students around the world who wanted to go with him on his next expedition. Dr. Ballard founded the JASON Project to bring the thrill of discovery to millions of students worldwide.
Back to School Theme
Back to School Resources
Science Fair Project Ideas
Hispanic Heritage Month - Sept/Oct
Halloween Teaching Theme
Halloween Online
Teaching About Thanksgiving - Native American Culture
Teaching Thanksgiving
Christmas and December Holidays
Christmas Teaching Theme
Christmas Carols - Christmas Song Lyrics
Snow / Winter
Snow and Ice
Snowflakes - Instructions
Paper Snowflakes - Instructions
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US Naval Observatory - What time is it?
National Institute of Standards & Technology Time & Frequency Div
Evolution of Time Measurement Through the Ages
Time - by yours truly


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