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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Gary, Anthony, Billie Sue, Carrie, Ann, AntMan, Becky, Cindi, Jackie, Tabatha !!! :o)

These KidSurfers' pages are dedicated to ALL of YOU, the KID SURFERS: 4 kids from 2 to 222!: My Indiana neices Hailey & Courtney; Oklahoma cuzes {Rubi, Lori, Bobby, Carrie, Zachary, Erica, Tyler, Todd, Wayne, Kimberlee, John David, Jodee, Brittney, Hailee, & Anthony Jr; he made the star tree top} Jennifer, My Pennsylvania cuzes {Sierra, Gerald, & John!} - {More COUSINS: Cora Jean, Emily Grace, Rubi}, {My TEXAN NEICE, Kearstin and NEPHEW, Kearstin's brother Wade & Daddy, in TEXAS"} - {Virginia cuzes, Alexander, Nicholas, & DANIELLE} - {Kira & Koty in Washington} - {Joey in Alaska}... & ALL of YOU claiming me for your Aunt... {all Owasso Schools!} --- AND YOU!!!
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