"Trail of Tears"
Painting by Robert Lindneux

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Oklahoma, also called "The Sooner State," is smack dab in the middle of the Heartland, USA. The name Oklahoma is from the Choctaw Nation words "okla" meaning people, and "humma" meaning red... "Red People." The largest population (250,000) of Native American Indians in the United States, with Tribal Headquarters for 39 Tribes, are in Oklahoma. The state was known as Indian Territory when the 5 civilized Tribes were forced to relocate here, during 1838-1839, from their homes in the southeast as ordered by President Jackson in what is known as the "Trail of Tears." A treaty then swore this would be the Indians' Promised Land, "for as long as the grass grows and the water flows." -- However, in 1889 a choice portion of Indian Territory in Oklahoma was opened up for white settlement in one of the most bizarre events known to American History. Over 100,000 people lined up along 165 miles of the Kansas border ready to take off and stake their claims in the Land Rush. Those Federal Marshals, railroad personnel, and others who were legally allowed in the territory before the shot fired at noon, starting the race into "Cherokee Strip," were called "legal sooners" which is how the name Oklahoma "Sooners" came to be.
In 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state. Oklahoma is located north of Texas, and south of Kansas, with a portion of our panhandle south of Colorado. The northeastern part of Oklahoma, where I live, is called "green country"... Strange to think this is the same state that was referred to as part of the "dust bowl" of the 1930's. (There are still parts that get pretty dusty.)
Approximately 25% of Oklahoma is forest lands, including four mountain ranges: the Ouachitas, Arbuckles, Witchitas, and Kiamichis. We have over one million surface acres of water in Oklahoma... more miles of shoreline than the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf coasts combined.
Oklahoma has elk, deer, bears, wolves, coyote, groundhogs (woodchucks), rabbits, turkey, eagles, hawks, owls, many birds... and even bison (American buffalo) - Oklahoma's state animal - at the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve near Pawhuska. Here are some Oklahoma wildlife photos taken by Oklahoma City friend, Eugene Gruhler.
Did you know Oklahoma has a Drug Store Museum? -- And even a highway museum - Route 66 Museum.
In 1996, I returned to Oklahoma from the gulf coast. It's good to be home! I have wanted to be rooted in Oklahoma all my life. I've just traveled too much to have roots. Maybe they grew spiritually while I was off "changing the world"... Ah yes, I'm one of "those"... but you know, any change that does come about is from the efforts of one person -- enough "ones" unite to have a loud voice, and they become heard. Join us! Voice your opinions - add your "one" to the numbers to help improve our water quality and get better pollution disposal. Then our grandchildren and their grandchildren can also enjoy the bountiful pleasures of our world. -- ok, Here's

Some Oklahoma Sites

The Best, IMNSHO (in my not so humble opinion:)
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Oklahoma Education / Gov
About Oklahoma
Tulsa City/County
Oklahoma City

Here's an Oklahoma State map, Road Maps, 1895 Oklahoma, & Historical Maps

Oklahoma Census Data
Oklahoma State Emblems & Seals
Constitution of the State of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Photos
Oklahoma FAQ
Ghost Towns of Oklahoma
TravelOK 10 Most Beautiful Places
CrazyTourist Best Places to visit
NWS Norman: Monthly & Annual Averages & Records, OKC
Oklahoma Natl Weather Serv: Hourly Data
Oklahoma Disaster Center news, weather
Oklahoma Radio Stations on the Internet

Birds of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Appaloosa Horse Club
Oklahoma Foundation Quarter Horse Registry
Oklahoma Fishing
Oklahoma Campgrounds
Oklahoma Parks, Resorts, & Golf
OK Recreation Areas
The Inn at Jarrett Farm - (I stayed
here myself-Top 10 of Wonderfuls!)
Oklahoma Bed & Breakfast Inns
Oklahoma Special Events
Oklahoma Postcard Collection
Oklahoma Wildflowers - seeds

Oklahoma Newspapers
Native American Times - News
The Cherokee Observer - News
OK/Indiana Territory Project
Oklahoma Indian Territories & Maps
Oklahoma Indian Nations & Tribes
Oklahoma's American Indian Culture
Red Earth
Jerome Bushyhead,Cheyenne El Reno Artist
John Guthrie, Cherokee Guthrie Artist
Linda Hogan, Chickasaw - Poet, novelist, essayist, playwright & activist - Gene Autry
Sandra Van Zandt Art Sculptures Talala
MB Nelson Art Gallery Guthrie
American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma
American Indian Cultural Center
Indian Health Service
Oklahoma Writers, Authors
Eskimo Joe's
Italian Festival of McAlester
Oklahoma Rifle Association

Oklahoma Aquarium
Tallgrass Prairie Preserve
Talewins' Oklahoma Showcase
Oklahoma Travel & Nature Photography
Oklahoma Route 66
Okla Route 66 photos
Adventures of Wells Fargo
Oklahombres's - History of
  Lawmen & Outlaws
  Belle Starr
  Bonnie & Clyde in Oklahoma
  Doolin - Dalton Gang
  Charles Arthur "Pretty Boy" Floyd
Oklahoma History from
  OK Historical Society
Oklahoma History from
  Oklahoma Genealogy Soc
Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
Oklahoma History
OK History Education Resources
Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve - Bartlesville
Fort Gibson Stockade
Rogers County Historical Society
Will Rogers
Mountain Men & the Fur Trade

Afghans for Angels
Boy Scouts - Indian Nations Council
Oklahoma Homeschooling / (More)
Oklahoma Homeschool
Oklahoma Sports
OU Sooners | OU
Don's OU Football Page
East Central University
Oklahoma Colleges & Universities
Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence
Oklahoma State Dept of Libraries

Oklahoma Supreme Court
Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Oklahoma Law Enforcement Links
American Indian Cultural Center
Oklahoma Bar Association
Oklahoma Legal Aid
Oklahoma State Government
Contacting Congress
Oklahoma Conservation Commission
Oklahoma First-Aid for Poisoning
Oklahoma Dept of Human Services
Oklahoma Main Street Program (Dept of Commerce)
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
Oklahoma Vital Records Information
Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce
American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma
Green Country Communities:
Broken Arrow
(Creek County Map)
Fort Gibson
Osage County
Ponca City
Rogers County
(Rogers County Map)
Sand Springs
(Tulsa Maps)
link to Cardinal Information - photo copyright by E.C.Gruhler Oklahoma has many of these beautiful Cardinals. -- Photo copyright 1998 by E.C.Gruhler used by permission
(Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, OK State Bird)

Tulsa Resources


Oklahoma City, our state capital
Oklahoma City, our state capital

Oklahoma City Map
Oklahoma County Map
Will Rogers World Airport
OKC Convention & Visitors Bureau (events)
OKC History
Oklahoma History Center
Oklahoma City National Memorial
45th Infantry Museum
Oklahoma Arts Council
Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Metropolitan Library System
Omniplex-Kirkpatrick Science/Air Space Museum
Red Earth Festival & Museum (June Fest)
Express Clydesdales
Oklahoma Opry
OKC Philharmonic Orchestra
OCK Live - Concerts, Bands, etc
Ford Center - Sports & Entertainment
OKC Blazers Hockey
Six Flags Frontier City
Six Flags White Water Bay
Oklahoma State Fair
Stockyards City
OKC Trails

OKC Jobs
More Job Resources
The Church in Oklahoma City
Daily Oklahoman Online
Oklahoma Indian Times
OKC Weather
kfor NewsChannel 4
OKC Real Estate
Shop Oklahoma

Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce
City of Oklahoma City
City Council & Mayor
OK Dept of Commerce
OKC Police Department
OKC Schools
OK State Chamber
OKC Jaycees

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