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The City of Owasso has a Council/City Manager form of municipal goverment. The council is the legislative body, responcible for ordinances, annual budget, and setting policy. Five council members are elected from five different wards, or sections, of the city. The mayor is elected by the council.

The city council relies on the city manager and staff to implement the daily adminstrative duties required by the community. Council members also serve as trustees of the Owasso Public Works Authority and the Owasso Golf Authority.

To keep pace with Owasso's steady growth pattern and to better serve existing business as well as businesses wishing to locate in Owasso, the Owasso Economic Development Authority (OEDA) was formed. This economic entity has provided expertise for Owasso since 1987.

The City's primary source of income is sales tax. More information available at the City of Owasso Finance Department.

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