Like 3 Dog Night sings, "Well, I've never been to Heaven... but I've been to Oklahoma. Oh, they tell me I was born there... but I really don't remember... In Oklahoma, not Arizona... what does it matter... what does it matter"...

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I was raised mostly in Texas and Louisiana, but I have lived or traveled all over the United States ending up back here just north of Tulsa, which is where my ancestors, and relatives have lived since the 1800's. - HOME at last!~\o/~

My Dad was French and Danish, with a tad European tossed in. He was born in Arkansas City, Kansas. Dad grew up on his Father's farm in Petrolia, and with his Grandparents in Coffeyville, Kansas. Then he went to Wesleyan College in Salina, Kansas where, he received his engineering degree. Super intelligent... to the point of keeping heads cocked in that "puppified-huh?" look. After retiring in the 80's, he got into computers and Ham radio big time.

Dad taught me that the most important thing in life is knowledge, and the second most important thing is sharing that knowledge. He also taught me about my favorite things: sports, animals, gardening, music, fishing, automobiles, and computers. He told me I was born in a speed boat and never slowed down. §:)

My Mom, the Top Gun of MoMs, ever faithful to her mission of trying to teach me all the appropriate girl things, is Tsalagi (Cherokee) -- with more ancestors of other American Indian nations, and a dash of Irish. (And man what that dash did to me!<grin>) (This, in turn, makes me an "official" American conglomeration.)

Mom is one of the strongest persons I've ever known. Whenever I want a straight, true answer, that's where it's at. She never gave me a direct "no" once I was a teenager. Instead, we would discuss things, and it resulted in me thinking for myself. She would say things like "you should decide - these are the possible outcomes".. or "I would think that's a big testing arena, do you it see it that way?" She knew just how to word things so that NOT going somewhere, or doing something could be my idea of the "right" decision.

I realize now that I did have a very good childhood. Growing up, my friends told me their stories of "eye-bulging-horror" about their parents, and I was/am so grateful mine were "cool." My parents raised me in the belief I could become anything I wanted; and also that whatever one does, they should always do their best... Be it sharpening a pencil, tying a shoestring, or designing a spacecraft. They also taught me that there is more strength in being gentle than any amount of physical force in the world.

My Dad did a lot of instrumentation training and trouble-shooting so we traveled a lot. I was always that new redheaded girl. I still seemed to make friends, although my main cohorts through the years have been my ever faithful 4-leggeds... Cats and Dogs truly are great companions. Mine not only taught me many lessons in life, they also helped me make friends several times. {Playing the guitar, and having a motorcycle were big bonuses, too.} Plus, being a Tomboy, I was easily accepted as one of the "guys". Of course that changed, as everything does through the teens, and next came the librarian stage... But, I'm better now... I think...???

oops bridge sign

And Now...

I'm totally into the Internet! It's like having all the Libraries, phone books, opinions, and friends throughout the world right at your fingertips. You can take a trip to anywhere, with directions on how to get there, and you can read about anything and everything, including how to make it yourself. :::yep, geek acused; but I really don't wear black framed glasses... they're gold! Ó¥Ò:::
There's no limit and the cost is to have access to a computer and the Internet. I am amazed at how fast everything keeps changing. There's no way to keep up! I am trying, however. I have taught math, crochet, knitting, and how to use computers and the Internet, and design Web sites. (The directory is a listing of some of the sites I have designed.) If you have any questions that you can't find the answers to, let me know. (Not that I claim to know all the answers, but I have learned where to find a few.)

I am involved with the following:

Get in on the vast access to knowledge and learning... don't wait until you read about it in your children's history books.

John Guthrie
"Blue Heron"
artist, John Guthrie

THINGS I LIKE: Snow covered mountains, skiing, fishing, swimming, lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, beaches, snowfall, walks in the forest, climbing trees, huge trees, licking icicles, running and biking anywhere, playing sports, painting, sunrise and sunset, creating graphics, light from a full moon and the way it reflects on lakes, my best friend, iced tea, building sandcastles, building snowcastles, candle light dancing and talks, learning something totally new, wind in my hair, fast skis, fast boards, fast boats, fast cars, faster modems, a cool breeze, the stars, cherry snowcones, the Internet, fireplaces, making graphics, snowball fights, my cousins, animals, music, reading, my computer... and sharing all of the above with my friends. (in any order)




What? me?... you want to know what I look like? ok, but you already know...

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