Memory Lane, Skiatook, Oklahoma

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The following are some memories of Skiatook's past. (Please note: These messages are unedited, representing only the views of the individual authors and not necessarily that of the owners.)
Please feel free to send us your memories of how Skiatook used to be a few decades ago.


Skiatook Memories from Bill

My parents (Ray & Mildred Everett) moved to Skiatook in 1933. I was 2 months old. They rented a house on the Southeast corner of the grade school playground. In 1935 they purchased a house at 228 W 3rd. St. and lived there the remainder of their lives. When they moved to Skiatook they both worked for dad's uncle, E. J. Buzzard at Buzzard's Chevrolet. Dad worked there all his life except during the WWII years when cars were not available. During those years they worked at Douglas Aircraft in Tulsa. Mother worked in GFE (Government Furnished Equipment) and dad in final inspection. After the war dad went back to work for Buzzards and mother opened a soda fountain/snack bar. After that she worked for Rogers Furniture until Bill Supernaw offered her a job in the City Clerks office. When the City Treasury office opened she filed for the job and was elected. The first thing she did after being elected was move the city money from a non-interest account at the Exchange Bank to high interest Treasury Bonds. The first time she was in the bank after the move Carl Brernely, the bank president, stopped her to let her know how much he hated to loose the big deposit, but tell her what a smart move he thought she had made. After Jack Bradshaw, the City Administrator, moved his family to Arizona she filed for the job and was elected. Dad had a heart attack while mowing his yard and died in 1966. After mother retired she remained in Skiatook until her death in 1978. After graduating Skiatook High School in 1951 and Oklahoma State in 1955, I moved to Texas were I've been ever since. My wife, Sue, and I now live in an independent living facility in Georgetown.
William (Bill) Everett, 2730 Williams Dr. CT 5, Georgetown TX 78628

Skiatook Memories from Blake

I’m trying to do some research on 108 e Rogers Blvd. it’s where the city fountain tavern is located now. I know it used to be Stubbs sundries and bus station that’s all I can find. If anyone maybe has any old pictures of that side of downtown Or any info regarding previous businesses/owners from that time period, when it was built, etc. that would be great! Thanks. Email:

Skiatook Memories from Keith

I'm looking for pictures of the Hawk's home town ice cream if anyone has any.

Skiatook Memories from Connie Gibson

My grandparents lived in Skiatook and had 6 sons, 5 were in WWII - 2 were killed. My mom and dad met in Skiatook and I have many fond memories. My family's name is Gondles.
Email: Connie Gibson

Skiatook Memories from Robert Rea

Hi, My Dad Robert Rea grew up in Skiatook. He was born in 1932. His mother was Oma Cason and his grandparents were Bessie and William L. Smith. I'm not sure when this photo was taken, but it must be in the late 1930's. My Dad is the little guy with the sad eyes and suspenders, standing right next to the teacher. Enjoy!
Skiatook Elementary Photo, 1930s
Email: Docktor

Skiatook Memories from Rene'e Gibson

I moved to Skiatook when I was a freshman in High school. We moved from Tulsa. So it was a big change for me. I'm not going to lie but I hated it at first. Then I meet some really good friend's. That I am still friend's with that still live in Skiatook. I remember The skating ring. My friend's and I would go both night's. Friday and Saturday. Going swimming during the Summer. Of course cruising and eating at Sonic. We alway's had to eat on one side because the other side was for nerd's. lol We were so silly. Pioneer day was alway's good. I still come down for that day. You can alway's bump into one of your old friend's that day :)I remember going camping at the lake. I also remember when I was in the 11th and 12th grade meeting the bus at 6:20 at the high school so I can go to votech. I loved Skiatook so much. My first job was at Red's Hamburger. I worked their for 8 year's. I liked it for all the people from Skiatook and the people I worked with. We were always up to something. Then I worked at Sonic for couple of year's. Joe was a really good boss. I really miss working for him. I love Skiatook and I alway's will. If you like to get a hold of me go ahead. Rene'e Gibson

Skiatook Memories from Mark Stevens

Funny how when you reach your mid 50's you remember your pre-teens better than your 40's. I was born and raised in Skiatook through the 8th grade, from 1953-1967. We lived on the corner of Beech and Russel, caty-cornered from The Millers, Mike Ronnie, Paula, (the prettiest girl I knew), and Bill. Down the street from the Meledeo's. Across from the Taylors. Like Ronnie's memories, Mine are vivid too. I remember Progress Day or Pioneer Day vividly. Still have lot of old slides and videos from the parades. First parade I remember was 1956, riding in the police car, don't remember how I got in the car, but it evidently made an impression, I've been in Law Enforcement for the last 32 years. I remeber the city park and learning to swim in the pool, taking lifeguard lessons from the Rycerts. Fell out of a tree in the park while picking pecans once and broke both my arms. Set the grass on fire at the railroad tracks a few times, Always got caught. We used to ride bikes down to the Prathers on the North end of Russell Street and "jump" the ditches. Played with the snakes in Prathers creek behind the house. I had a paper route in the mid 60's. Worked for John Brown, seems like I had 75 Sunday papers and 40 daily "Tribunes". We were always messing with the youngest Meledeo boy, Patrick. I see him every year at the Tulsa State Fair, I saw Paula Miller at the Airport about 5 years ago, but I couldn't get over to talk to her. Ran into Ron Moser the other day. Talk to LouAnn Brown every once in a while. I remember an annual Halloween costume party at the city Gym, now the fire station. seemed like every kid in town showed up fo that one. Seems like they moved that to the Football field in '65 or 66. I remember walking behind the old city hall and Police Station and talking to the prisoners in their cells. I also vividly remeber walking home from the elemetary school with Shannon Brown and Debbie Peters, Elaine Maxey and Mike Miller, Mike Meledeo and Joanie Rycert, Shawn Sallee, and Robert and Jimmie Taylor. We would roam up and down Russell Street, which by the way was named after the main home builder in that area, Art Russell who lived directly across from the pool. We'd stop and see Dude Taylor, Jerry Regan, Dee Wilson, Sharon Thompson, The Moss brothers, the Hannah's and all the kids in the area. I remember that every parent knew every kid and when I'd get home from "playin" or school, My mom would already know everything I'd done. When you picked up the phone, It did not have a dial, I know cause I still have it in my Kitchen here in Owasso, the operator would answer and you gave her the name or number you wanted to call. I was about 5 years old and I snuck over to the phone and picked it up. I don't remember the conversation with the operator, but I asked for my grandfather by name, Cy Tuma, who lived in Tulsa, and she connected me immediately. What a great town Skiatook was. I've got some land up on the lake and I get through town at least once a month. Always stop at the Tastee Freeze for a dip cone.
Mark Stevens

Skiatook Memories from Jonathan Glasier

I'm looking for info on my mother's family. My Grandfather, O.F. Dickenson moved his family there from Lehigh where O.F. was sheriff, sometime between 1910 and 1912. My Aunt, Millicent Jane Dickenson MCDougal was born there in October 1912. Jonathan Glasier

Skiatook Memories from Jackie McCort

I am the niece of John William McCort, a test pilot for Boing who perished in a plane crash near Skiatook, Oklahoma on March 29, 1957. That was my 4th birthday. After my mother died, I found a proclamation from the city of Skiatook expressing the town's gratitude for my uncle and his co-pilots' sacrifice. Apparently, they chose to crash land their plane rather than hit the city. Unfortunately, this document was misplaced during several subsequent moves. I am writing the story of my uncle's life and am looking for a copy of the proclamation and also, I'd like to talk to town residents--such as yourself--who may have memories of the day of the fatal crash. If you could steer me to anyone who may have more information, or if you have memories to provide, I would be very grateful! Hopefully, this memoir will be published in book form. I would be very pleased to acknowledge anyone who can provide me more insight on my uncle's death. Many thanks, Jackie McCort Haywa rd California 510/693-8277 Jackie McCort

Skiatook Memories from Sara O'Loughlin

My mother was born in Skiatook in 1923. Her name was Helen R. Freeman. I know she attended Will Rogers High School. She was the daughter of Jesse and Eugene Freeman. Her siblings included Sheila, Eugene (Sonny), Barbara and David Freeman. My mom (Helen) passed away in 1975, but would like to know if anyone remembers her from her childhood/teenage years. If you do, please e-mail me.
Thanks. Sara O'Loughlin

Skiatook Memories from Liz Ingersoll

I have so many memories from Skiatook. Too many to list really since I lived there from 1980-1991 but reading these memories definitely bring back some of my own. The skating rink, I didn't skate that much but it was a great place to go to play pool and hang out with friends. I remember my friend Tony Delk would show us all his new break dance moves and I would spend hours standing in front of Galaga and Pac-Man. Occasionally I could convince Jeanie to let me spin records and Michael Jacksons Thriller comes to mind along with Skate Races and Limbo. Oh, and we can't forget the Hokie Pokie. Oh to be a teenager again. The weekends were filled with laughter, fun and relaxation. Now, I have yard work and a crying 8 month old baby girl, IsaBella. lol... I don't live far from Skiatook; I'm now living in Owasso and have a small photography studio. My family still lives in Skiatook and although I drive over to the lake frequently and to see my family, it's never the same as when I was younger. Liz Ingersoll

Skiatook Memories from Boug Beaty

Ms Dunne(sp?) my teacher, left in 1936 by Model T from Vet Bonus, TB father! Clyde Beaty, Uncle Jack: Tromboneplayer, Millers and Bradshaw (Ruth-neighbors of us in Tax Repo place) ? Waters Dove Ford??? Daddy worked, Collins Law Grocery?? Frsts Baptist Church, Dr Philips' dog got me! Lied to me some men working on airpalne: said Wiley Post's Plane!! All Sunday and Wednesday eves Baptist Church - boring for a kid, but nice ladies gave poor kids cough drops! Sammy Miller? Boy Scout when I was there- Libby Milk Can labels!! Collection for Will Rogers mnmnt; 10 cents- a day's groceries- commodity rations and knickers!! Prunes! Prunes and Graham flour! Oh Jenny Beaty lived and died there- my grandmother, Lillian often there to grandmother's my Aunt: Cliifford, Dee, Uncles (Grt Uncle Alfred's teeth whistled!) Adelia Lee my cousin! Cal and Rocky Hendryx grt cousins- we had to move to Albuquerque for dad to stay alive! Almost supported by American Legion!
Boug Beaty

Skiatook Memories from Clyde D Beaty

I was born - 1929 - my brother, Christmas 1933, in Skiatook and my family went back and forth to California in hopes of work.
Clyde D Beaty

Skiatook Memories from Christi (Stewart) Val

Alot of you may not remember me! I moved away my Freshman year in 1986. I now live in Scottsdale Arizona as I call Snottsdale Arizona and its a different world. I have been in Arizona for 10 years and have only been back home to visit once - once being this year May 2007. I didnt realize how much I miss home and miss the way every one knows each other and knows what everyone is doing. I can remember my best friend Margaret Beeler always getting me out of trouble. I can remember dragging main and hanging out at Sonic. I remember how all of us in our neighborhood would all hang out Mecca Carter, Christy and Michael Pitts, Shelly Taylor, and Christy Collins, I remember the little donut shop (and yes I looked for it when I came and I couldnt believe it was gone) I have too many memories to list but still keep close I used to be embarassed to tell anyone where I was from- I live in a very upscaled community with movie stars and on and on and coming home and seeing the town and some of my old friends made me realize Skiatook is where the heart is. I put off comming home for so long after my best friends funeral I didnt ever want to come back it was to hard and now after comming home I cant wait to come back. If anyone would like to contact me please feel free or you can visit my website at
Christi (Stewart) Val

Skiatook Memories from Alene Mable (Carter) Hedger

Is there anyone living from the 1930 generation that attended the elementary school with the teacher Mrs. Lamb? I am from the Loyd Carter family. My brother, Woodrow and Cobb played on the Skiatook football team. Please email if you remember us or any memories from that era.
Thank you, Alene (Carter) Hedger

Skiatook Memories from Wayne Harris

Gosh, I'm glad I found this webpage. Reading some of the recollections here (particularly, Ronnie Miller's) caused a flood of memories from my own past. We moved to Skiatook, from Ramona, in 1952 when I was a second-grader. Our house, at 6 West Ash, was the second one built in the Russell Addition across from what was yet to become the City Park and Swimming Pool. Until recently, when my step-mom, Eva, went to assisted living in Tulsa, our family had occupied the same house for 54 years. Memory's a funny thing. I can still recall the names of every family in every home up and down Ash, Beech, Chestnut and Russell (before it was extended) streets. But, I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning. What was to become the city park was then a jungle of head-high weeds and a swamp (wetlands, today) with some very interesting wildlife. Depending on how much it had rained, the walk to and from elementary school, six blocks away, was either a high adventure, if we could cut through the "jungle" or a mundane one if we had to stick to Osage Drive. I remember when the land was cleared for the park and the swimming pool. Later in my elementary school career, once the "swamp" was drained for the park, the high adventure route home from school became walking down the railroad tracks, exploring every culvert along the way. I remember the playground equipment there (big and little slides, big and little monkey bars, teeter-totters, the jungle gym) and the 3 or 4 good "climbing" trees, some of which were accessible from the slides and jungle gym. We used to have endless games of tag among the trees and playground equipment. I can remember when the tennis courts were first put in there. They were dirt (not clay, DIRT) and that the lines had to be chalked once or twice a day. I remember playing tennis there late at night (lights out at 10 pm) and some of the really good adult players (Coach Dunlap, Mrs. Burton, Doc Mart in, Mr. Ryan). I remember school playgrounds with pea gravel that was equally damaging to shoes, clothes and skin. I remember picking pea gravel out of various wounds to my knees, elbows and hands. What were they (school authorities) thinking with that stuff! I remember spending all afternoon Saturday at the movie theater (.10 admission). I, like Ronnie Miller, remember Progress Day the first or second weekend of September every year. I remember the Crain brothers, Jerry and Gene, entertaining with their guitars and songs and the Supernaws, Parks and Patricks and their Indian (Native American) dances. I also remember the big wrestling ring that was set up in the middle of Main Street (Rogers Blvd.).. The kids were allowed to bounce and play in the wrestling ring after the professional wrestlers were done with their exhibition. As I recall, the tickets for the "car drawing" were issued by the merchants, throughout the year, at one per dollar spent. So, when your folks went to pay their grocery bill at the end of the month (credit with NO interest charges)....WOW! a bonanza of "car tickets"! That, plus you got S&H green stamps, to boot, at the rate of ten per dollar spent! Skiatook Main Street (Rogers Blvd.) was a very prolific place with 6 grocery stores, 3 drug stores, 3 clothing stores, 2 movie theaters, 2 furniture stores, 2 variety stores, 2 pool halls, 5 gas stations, 2 lumber yards, 3 car dealerships....not bad for a population of less than 2000 people. Now, back to the pool. I was in one of the first Red Cross swimming courses taught there by Mr. Reyckert and Mr. Losey. I later aspired to the higher goals of Junior and Senior Lifesaving and Water Safety Instructor. I was a lifeguard at the pool for two summers and I still remember being bothered by a number of pesky little girls ( and you know who you are, Paula, Patti, and Terry). Well, better wrap it up for now. My wife, Stacey, and I have lived a lot of places in th e U.S. in our almost 40 years of marriage; the last 23 have been in Florida. We have a married son, Ken, and two beautiful grandkids who live within 20 miles of us here. Still, "going back home", means returning to Skiatook. We get back there once or twice a year and try to make all of the important class reunions. My brother, Ralph, still lives in Skiatook and we have family in Tulsa and OKC. Skiatook, what a GREAT place to grow up!
P.S. I'll let you know when my brain overflows again.

Skiatook Memories from Fran

Hi - My name is Fran Woodson and I faintly remember visiting Skiatook about the time I was 10 years of age. Mainly, I am writing to find out if any of the Baldwins (Dr. & Mrs. or Steven, Wade or Kenny) are still there. I have a few pictures my grandmother Mrs. George {Winona Faye} Worley had at the time of her death. I believe she worked for the Baldwins when she lived there. One of them is also of the "Good Cheer" Club. Since I was 10 when I remember her and Grandpa George living there, that has been a few years ago - during 1951 or 1952. If anyone there knew George Worley or the Baldwins, please let me know. I would like to send them these pictures. My address is Thanks

Skiatook Memories from Frankie

I grew up in Skiatook in the 1930's till aprox, 1946; We then relocated to Yakima, Washington. I soon returned after graduation in 1950 with my folks to visit my brother Junior and his wife Verona Patrick. I have so many fond memories as if it was yesterday of my childhood and growing up years. Those days were some of the happiest days of my life. My memories of going down to the local drugstore for a soda and to meet up with friends like Betty Jones Maddox. I remember the Cartwright family, Dr Martin and his wife Bernice (He was the local Dentist) Most of who which are long gone now. But the memories are still there. The local drug store was the favorite "hang-out" place for teens to hang out on Saturday night. We also would catch a Saturday Matinee at the old Palace Theatre. I can remember in my youth going down to the bank where my brother Junior worked and asking him for nickels and dimes for popsickles,or Cokes or whatever else appealed to my young mind! I can remember as if it was yesterday my last visit i had with my folks at my brother Junior and his wife Verona's home. We had a get together with relatives and friends we churned ice cream and ate watermellons till they came out our ears!! Oh the time can fly by so fast yet it all seems like yesterday. Its been fun going down memory lane. Its nice to know that others have such fond memories of growing up in Skiatook too!
Sincerly, Frankie Patrick

Skiatook Memories from Laura

My greatgrandparents lived in Skiatook, I think on Javine. Their names were Essie and Hal Lauderback. They raised their children in Skiatook; Geneva, Harold, Robert, Delores, Bill. Geneva was my grandmother, she married Bill Deitemeyer. My mother, Betty Jean, was born in Sepulpa. Does anyone remember any of them?
Thank you,
Laura Oreskovich
Kernville, CA

Skiatook Memories from Theresa

Hello everyone,
I use to live in Skiatook with my granparents The Hudsons. My brother is Harvey S. Hudson Jr. All of us cousins use to go ice skating on bird creek. Wonder who remembers that. And getting frito chili pie across the street from the high school. (1960's.)
Sure miss those days.

Skiatook Memories from Joy Kirk Little

Dear Friends,
Mainly, I am wanting to see if I can reach you through this email address. Sometimes time is very important to someone who is 73 years old and striving to get as much done on her family tree as possible before the trip home to her Maker. The more you get done may enhance the value to those who follow after you. I am hoping they will appreciate the hours I have spent plus the hours of others who have aided me in my pursuits.
My parents James Franklin (Frank) KIRK and Gladys Irene KLECKNER Kirk both graduated from Skiatook High school (1924 and 1926 respectively). They always spoke of their high school days as very pleasurable. My dad commented many times over how the administration helped him graduate when it was doubtful whether he could continue on with his schooling. They fondly talked of their days at Skiatook High before their passing. I feel I have inherited the closeness they felt. My mom 's best girlfriend Alice Crumrine Meyers (wife of Dennis Meyers--Dad's friend-- and long time resident of Skiatook before her passing) always rated a visit any time we were close to the area. Because they loved Skiatook so much, I have strong feelings for the place, as well.
I am guessing on this: The YOUNGS came to Skiatook because of Cherokee Indian blood. The Kleckners were oil drillers and associated with the oil industry. My dad graduated from high school and began working for Gulf Oil Corporation until his death in 1962 (some 35 years). I'm trying to tie these families with their rich cultural background to my own family with a pride that is unsurpassed. Both my parents reflect well on Skiatook and the influence passed on to their lives. I thank you, Skiatook, for all you did for them. You seem to produce the best.
Joy Kirk Little
Jacksonville, NC

Skiatook Memories from Doris Jean Miller

Had to reply to all the memories of Ronald L. Miller--I'm married to Ronald D. Miller and we refer to Ronald L. as the other Ron Miller or Bills Brother. My name is Doris Miller ( was Moles) I am the daughter of Jim and Imogene Hurd and had a kid sister Sherry that was Paula, Rons kid sisters age. My how the talk of the Bulldog Den brought back the memories. We were listening to tunes, playing pool, and well I know I wasn't in any cars outside. I do remember a policman named Sach- he seemed to like us kids. My husband Ron was only in Skiatook high for a couple of years he's from Collinsville--I know thats a rival town, but like I said he moved here and went to school- he ran with Roy Stamps a lot. My best friends were Vicki Corbel ( Wilson) and Barbara Williams, Barbara Meledeo (Johnson) I can't even remember all the gang. Of course I do remember the boys--Joe Pruit for one always making everyone laugh and at the Bulldog Den I think he even sang Wooley Bully or something like it.
I think Skiatook has changed a lot, I lived at 800 S. Javine and that was right behind the high school (I didn't need a car dang it.) Mr Rowden was my coach, Mr Ryan was my favorite teacher, I still think a lot of him. I still live here in Skiatook, and have been married for 35 years to the same man and have 2 kids and 5 grandkids- Man now I'm coming back to reality--Oh Well. My greatest memories are of that old high school, walking in the halls with all the kids, Jackie Perigo-- oh how she made an impression when she walked down that hall--There were lots of other girls that I envied her name just popped in my head. Sharon Hurd and Butch Hurd were my aunt and uncle and I really felt big when I was as the school with them, Sharon even let me go on the Senior Hayride out at Longs Dairy and I was 4 years younger than all of them. I went all over town Sherry and I always went to the movie on Saturday and when we had some change we would walk to town for a Salty dog, what a memory. Doris Jean Miller

Skiatook Memories from Vicki (Kinser) Pointer

Hi my name is Vicki (Kinser) Pointer I lived in Skiatook for 15 years and then I moved and I now live in Missouri. Skiatook has changed alot I have been there a couple of times and I was so surprised to see what has been done. I have been trying to get in touch with some of my old friends that I miss dearly and would like to get back in touch with. I remember all the football games that I went to to watch my brothers play. I still miss all of it. My most memory is when I went to my cousins house and we would walk all over town and now I don't think you can do it because it is getting so big. maybe I will come down soon. If you would like you can email me at I would love to hear from everyone.
Vicki Pointer

Skiatook Memories from Mary Clack

Hi my name is Mary Clack and I did make it back to Skiatook 3 yrs ago. In that time I lost my stepmom and then my grandmother Maryjane Greenfeather. I moved back here to help my dad. The Pizza Hut is still there but KFC is gone and the middle school is shut down. Gosh it is like the Skiatook I grew up in is not the same. They dont have Pioneer Day up town anymore and hardly see a pow-wow. Some of my school mates are passed on or sum live out of state. My best best friend David Dougles who was like my big brother isn't around here he lives in Kansas now. Gosh all the memories I have are just about tore down. My grannys house got tore down and a new one built there now. But my cousin lives there God bless her she took care of our grandmother. If any of my old classmates read this you can e-mail me at - would love to hear from you.

Skiatook Memories from LuAnn

My Grandparents John and Glossye Isaacs lived in Skiatook until I was in High School, my mother, Dora Alice, graduated from High School at Wildhorse, My grandmother was an elementary school teacher in Wildhorse and Skiatook. Some of my earliest memories are of living across the street from the old high school and going to the band room during tornado warnings. I remember the floods in Skiatook vividly (a speed boat flying across the submerged park.....). It has been over 30 years since my grandparents moved back to the Ada area from there, but my sisters and i still listen for news for news of Skiatook...

Skiatook Memories from JoAnn Millender Gibson

I grew up around Wildhorse Ok, all that is left now is a big hole where the Gym stood, we had a great community. They would get together and have basketball games and Pie Auctions etc. Part of it is now covered by Skiatook Lake, Other sections are beef farms and old oil pump stations. It was a great time in the late fifties and early sixties. We lost the high school and had to bus to Old Prue at the time. We got stuck in the mud, several times, had to wait for the high water to go down so that we could get home on several occasions. The low water bridge would flood when the snow melted or it rained too much. Good Memories.
JoAnn Millender Gibson

Skiatook Memories from Pauline (Hurst) Hanigar

My fondest memories of Skiatook are the Friday night football games . I was in the pep club and we used to do a snake dance downtown before the game. All the pep club girls would make a circle in the middle of Rogers Ave. and do some yells and then join hands and go thru all the stores and restaurants downtown doing our yells.We used to have fun after the basketball games in Wildhorse, a little town that is now covered by Skiatook Lake. I see the town changing and even tho I know progress is good and inevitable, I miss the Old Skiatook with the little store across from the High School where we could buy moon pies and put peanuts in our cokes and drink and eat at the same time. My girl friend, Lee Kramer (her married name) used to sell popcorn at the Palace theatre and my aunt worked at a little hamburger joint right next door. I remember working in a Confectionery (ice cream and sandwich shop) with one of my classmates, Billy Everett. His parents owned the business and when Billy and I were left alone after 4:00 to run the shop until it closed, we used to eat lots of Hawk's Hometown ice cream, will never forget the raspberry revel, ummmm it was delicious.I also remember the old Alamo Cafe and the corner drug store where you could get a banana split for a quarter. Some of my highschool friends still live in Skiatook and I see them at class reunions. Those were innocent (sometimes not so innocent) times of the 50's and one of the happiest periods of my life. Pauline (Hurst) Hanigar

Skiatook Memories from Phillip Douglas

one of the greatest memories, will not be those of days gone by so much as they are the moments that i will allways charish of seeing HURLEY BOEHLER cutting through the sky in the t-28, with chester hot on his tail. i am certain that the air show will not escape the minds of my children, or theres. god bless all you FLY-BOYS. in SKIATOOK.
Phillip Douglas

Skiatook Memories from Kenny "Ken Dawg" Savely

I remember not being popular in high school, so I started managing basketball for the varsity boys & girls, (camera operator), and then I met Jessica Whitehill and Lori Willard, who I will never ever forget for being the greatest friends ever. I enjoyed managing for coach James and Coach Wills, oh, then the players, Ashley Hull, Pasley, Mickey, Vasquez, Maddox, Wills, Shults, and the others. 2000 - 2001 team was awesome, I believe there will not be others like that team.
Kenny "Ken Dawg" Savely

Hello Skiatook this is a message from your freind Ryno (Ryan McKenzie)

I hope the tragedy hasn't drawn down the spirit of Skiatook I know that you guys are tough there though. To tell you the truth I think the school spirit is stronger there, than here in Texas. I really miss all my freinds and just seeing peoples faces day to day that I know. I miss seeing Mr. Waltons jolly smile that cheered me up each time I had passed. Mr. Walton......, you make that school go round. Really....... Please, whatever it takes to build on to that school, do so. Because it's the best school I have gone to in the 7 different High Schools I've studied in..
Love always ....Everyones freind   Ryno

P.S. If anyone worries about me.. Please dont ...
    Im on a roll with my educational life...........
    I will have a degree in Art.... I promise..........

1927 SHS Yearbook

My name is Marianne Conner and I received a 1927 yearbook about two years ago when my father passed a way. I am interested in selling this yearbook and wanted to find out if any one in skiatook would be interested in it.
It is a hand bound brown leather with original photo's of all the classmates and Supt. W.D. Johnson and sponsor Miss Myrtle Bone. There are 32 photographs all together and each of the names are hand written.
Please contact me if you know of anyone that might be interested in this yearbook
Marianne Conner (

Memories as told by Mary Clack

hi my name is mary clack, most people there in skiatook know me as mary jane greenfeather,i lived with my grandmother and grand father,and father at 122 e elm st.i remember going to school there at the elementry school.we use to walk to the drug store in town and eat lunch.then when we went to the middle school over by my house there was a little cafe there we could go eat.then when i went to high school we would walk across to the dairy queen or go to the grocery store on the corner.i hung out with karla and rena ladwig,david douglas valerie fronko.dovie swisher,chuck swisher.i loved when the wild onions would come in we would go pick for hours.take them home and fry eggs and onions.also the indian pow wows.and pioner day we went every year,most of my family still lives remarried and live in florida.i miss my home town very much and my family.just went for a visit about 2 months ago,hey they moved up in the world they have a pizza hut and kentucky fried chicken place.well i will make it home to live one day.
Email: Mary Clack

Memories as told by Billie Charo

I recently returned to Skiatook for my grandmother's funeral. Her name was Ellie Deshazer. She lived about a block from the post office. I remember my sister and I used to spend some time during the summer with her. She used to give us money to walk down to the drug store and the five and dime. It was great. It was some of the best memories I have about Skiatook. I lived there from 1979 to 1984 and I return as often as I can. The place really has changed. I hated to see the old skating rink go. I spent many a Friday nights there. It seems to me that once you cross the railroad tracks everything changed. I love the old stores down town. I now live in New Mexico with my husband and daughter. I would love to hear from anyone from my class. Had I stayed in Skiatook, I would have graduated with the class of 1991. Since I have found this sight, I will be checking back to get caught up. Thanks again. Sincerely, Billie Charo

Memories as told by Ronald L. Miller

I just recently got on line and this is one of the first places I tried to find. I grew up on South Russell St. I graduated from Skiatook High in1965. I always thought it was the greatest place in the world to grow up in. We were only 15 miles from Tulsa. I get back to Okla. about once a year now to see my brothers and sister. My sister lives in Bartelsville. My older brother lives in Sapulpa and my younger brother lives in Sand Springs. The reason I am sending this is because you or whoever set up the history site left out something about Pioneer Day as I remember. The site said in 1966 Pioneer Day started. As I remember as a boy growing up there was one day a year we always looked forward to. They would close Rogers (main st.) early one Sat. morning for the whole day. There would lots of different things to do for kids as well as adults. They would have drawings for lots of different things including a new car. You would get the tickets from the local merchants. As boys, the thing to do was to buy water guns at the five and dime and chase each other up and down the street. It was just so much fun and I think the whole town enjoyed it. That day was called Progress Day as I remember. Please let me know if I am wrong. There are so many great things I remember about growing up there. Like my older brother and I going to the movies every Sat. afternoon. It was always a western. We could get in buy popcorn and a Coke for a quarter apiece. I can rmember the local policeman would be there. His name was Officer Jackson. The railroad ran right in back of our house. I always thought that was great, except at 10:30 every night ( it seemed like every night ). I know that Skiatook Lake has done a lot for the town but I have to say it is not the town I grew up in. Having not lived there in over thirty years I know I don,t have the right to say anything about progress but it is kind of heartbreaking to see the town now. Every time I come back I have to go to the old high school and walk around a little bit. I can still remember so many great things that happened there. Like the time some boys from C-vill greased our flagpole and got caught. The next day they had to clean it up while we were on our lunch break. Everybody stood around and watched and the cheerleaders led everbody in cheers. Funny how you remember things like that. . I remember things like seven caves near Avant, Javine Hill, even the old city dump we took our trash barrels after they were full of ashes. You see back then we could burn our trash in back of our houses. Just a couple of quick questions. Is there a site I can find how the Bulldogs are doing? The other question is has Tulsa engulfed Skiatook yet? That,s what they said was going to happened in the early sixtys. P.S. If you see my best friend and the best man at my wedding tell him I said hi. His name is Joe Weiskopf.
Email: Ronald L. Miller

Bulldogs' Sports


It was called Spavinaw Water Day, then Progress Day, and now it is called Pioneer Day. Tulsa hasn't engulfed Skiatook. Tonight's the last game, and we've only lost two games this season. The Palace Theatre is gone now.

More Memories as told by Ronald L. Miller

My family and I now live in Minn. You have not seen cold till you spend a winter here. You kow its when you can throw a cup of water up in the air and it,s ice before it hits the ground. Just a little more down my memory lane. I can remember how I felt when I got my drivers licence. It was really the big time when you could drive up and down Main St. We would always turn around at the T.F. and go west. There were a lot of options of where you could turn around and head back east, but you always had to go back to the T.F. to turn around and go back west again. We always were trying to figure out where the towns ONE policeman was. Once when we were really feeling like doing something bad, two of the R------ brothers ( Jim, John and Joe, I won,t say which two ) drove into Tulsa and BORROWED a clean rest room sign from a gas station and put it on top of the high school gym. The next day at school we just couldn,t wait for somebody to ask about it. Boy did we think we were bad. The big scandel when I was in high school hd t do with the local pool hall. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to have one night a week for the teenagers to go there. However back then a pool hall was not a place where nice people went so some parents would not let there kids go, even that one night a week. That night we would call the place the BULLDOG INN. It went pretty good for a couple of weeks until a reporter from the Tulsa World found out about and decided to do a article about it. Well, one of the statements the reporter made was that our cars had tuned into four wheeled bedrooms and that a high % of the girls that were in the Sr. class the year before had to get married. That was totaly false, and I believe the paper printed a retraction, but the damaged had been done. The first article was on the front page with a picture of one of the local girls playing pool. The retraction was buried something in the middle of the paper. What it all boiled down to was the end of the Bulldog Den. The reporter was suppose to have gotten his information from one of the local Clergy. I know which one but don,t think it would do anybody any good to say it was. That was just a little bit of the things I remember that I thought mite be of interest to the people who went through them. If you don,t mind and I think of some more things I will send them to you.
Old Bulldog, Email: Ronald L. Miller

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