Claremore Memory Lane
Claremore, Oklahoma

Following are some memories of Claremore's past. (Please note: These messages are unedited, representing only the views of the individual authors, and not necessarily that of the owners.)
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Claremore Memories from Patricia Freeman

I was born here in March of 1968 during the worst snow blizzard Claremore had ever seen. The day started out very pretty and ended up in a blizzard this is what my mother and grandmother has told me throughout the years. My grandfather worked for the sanitation department as a trash truck driver for many years until he retired in '71 or '72 (William Emery) was his name. I grew up on the corner of 10th & Dorothy. Now there is nothing there but a parking lot for a church, but back then there was a house sitting there with a big 'ol pear tree in the front yard out by the street. We moved in 1972 to Foyil, Oklahoma in a field right behind the Foyil School house,but everything has changed so much since then. I moved back to Claremore after we lost grandpa in '79 and i have been here ever since.
Patricia Freeman

Claremore Memories from Dale Tateiwa

I was in Claremore in June 1962 resulting from a car accident between my parents and the vehicle driven by Patty Lee David. I was 10 years old at the time and uninjured. My parents sustained serious injuries and stayed at the Claremore Hospital. My recollections include a homestay with the Claremore Chief of Police Dee and his family. I stayed with the Dee family for almost two weeks. During that time, we did alot fishing and played baseball. I remember visiting the Will Rogers Museum. My family and I lived in Springdale, Arkansas. We move to San Francisco in 1963. Currently, I live and work in Japan. I have not returned to Claremore since the accident. In spite of such tragic circumstances, I do have fond memories of Claremore, Chief Dee and his two sons. I hope to visit Claremore in the near future.
Dale Tateiwa

Claremore Memories from Alan Gobin

Can u please help me? im tryin 2 find a female name Kellie Baker. She lived in Claremore Oklahoma back in 2000. I cant remember her birthday or her phone number but she will be about 22 years old now. If u can help, please email me and let me know. thank you and have a blessed day. Alan Gobin,

Note from Snowhawk: If you know of Kellie Baker, please tell her Alan is attempting to contact her, and she can get his e-mail address from Claremore Memory Lane.

Claremore Memories from Mary

In the 60's, we went to the Will Rogers Memorial as often as we could. It sure has grown! We would have family get togethers at Aunt Rillie Hamilton's house. So much food, and fun. Aunt Rillie and I used to trade crochet patterns. My grandmother Williams, Aunt Rillie's sister, taught me to crochet when I was 9 years old. That kept me into the loop with the grannys and aunts as I grew up. Now I'm "granny material" wondering what the heck happened!?!
Winters seemed to last longer, and it was more difficult to get around. We didn't let snow stop us, but if it was too icy, you couldn't get up the hills, and didn't want to attempt getting down them! If you got stuck, you could be there until the iced thawed, because no one had come up with cell phones yet. If you could afford a CB, you were probably out of range to call for help anyway.
There seemed to be more kids around, but maybe I just noticed more then. Plus these days a lot of kids stay parked in front a computer playing games, or some other electronic device. "Games" back then meant playing something outside, or checkers... maybe chess. :)

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